Dr. C’s Philosophy:

 Have you ever wondered what my staff and I take into consideration when we make a recommendations to our patients?  Any good dentists will rely on his or her particular philosophy of dentistry when making treatment decisions. I strive to respond to every patient’s unique service expectations and health needs. Obviously, if a patient has a problem, we go ahead and treat their immediate concern first. Beyond this,we determine the next step in the following way:

Some patients enter my office angry and combative in response to the very fact that they are in a dentist’s chair. They do not appreciate the services that we provide, and they resent having to spend any of their money on them.  We prefer not to have these people as patients.

Another group of patients do not realize what dentistry can do for them when they first come in. Maybe they were driven to make an appointment out of the guilt of a long lapse in dental care.  They usually do not floss and their teeth are not a personal priority.  These patients wish to be treated by remediating an immediate problem in the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way.  We make every effort to educate them as to how important good dentistry is and how it contributes to their overall quality of life. Some people are receptive to dental education and others are not. We have found that sometimes after these people run into a serious problem as a result of their poor attitude, they may be more open to our message.

A third group appreciate dentistry and desire its benefits.  They want excellent care but they have reasonable financial limitations.  Most of our patients fall into this category.  Usually we can spread this type of treatment out across many months or years to ease financial strain.

A fourth group desires fine dentistry and does not have any financial constraints. These people can go ahead and have most of their dentistry completed in a short period of time. After restoring their smile, all that is left to work on is simple maintenance.

Hopefully this short blog will help you understand some of the thought processes that exists behind any treatment recommendation that we give to our patient.

I sincerely hope that this information helps to remove the element of mystery that arises when you are asked to place your trust and your health in the hands of a dentist. As always, I am committed to advancing my patients’ dental well-being no matter what kind of smile or past experience they bring to me. Following this framework, and with my patients’ help, I a confident that I can make any smile brighter.

-Dr. Chernoff


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