A Great Review!

Here is a great review we received from one of our clients that really describes the feeling we try to create at our office. We were so happy to hear this wonderful feedback that we wanted to share it with everyone!

I’ve been to Dr. Chernoff a handful of times now and rave to everyone about him. How can you love dentistry, right? But this is a small office that’s at once old-school and sensationally tech-enabled. You have the chance to make and confirm appointments by e-mail and by text (!) which makes getting in every six months a really simple process. The entire office has a feeling like you’re walking into a family business and it’s cozy and comforting. Highly recommended.

Our office is small and comfortable, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. With the way that the dental industry is trending towards insurance controlled practices and corporate entities, we think this is especially important to provide for our clientele.

We also believe it is very important to provide personalized service that treats people like individuals. We combine that with advanced clinical technology and advanced systems of communications like text and email communication.

It is our goal to offer personal attention for our patients and recognize their personal choices. Our practice is like a family, and that includes you!

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