A Longer Vision for Missing Teeth

In our series on dental implants, we have explored what happens when a tooth is missing in “Surprising Side-Effects of a Lost Tooth.” In this next installment, “Replace to Restore: Implant Innovation,” we explore the most functional of replacement solutions with the single tooth implant. Dr. Chernoff is dedicated to state-of-the art treatment with years of dedication, advanced study, and practical experience.
FEATURE: An Investment in Health
“Replace to Restore: Implant Innovation” There is no better way to ensure the long life of your teeth than by replacing any that are missing. If a tooth is victim to misfortune of accident or damage, the other teeth become more threatened. Many patients don’t realize that underlying damage can’t be seen. Once the other teeth do show symptoms of stress, much damage has occurred. Implant solutions offer full functionality. Implant technology, on the forefront of dental developments, continues to improve. The major barriers for solutions to protect your teeth are evaporating. But consider now any factors that prevent your dental loss from continuing. The decision that you make on tooth replacement will affect the rest of your life.


Surprising Side-Effects of a Lost Tooth Sadly, most adults contend with losing a tooth, and related difficulties, some time in life (hopefully more later than earlier). Yet few really understand what it means to their health. Learn about the consequences and remedies in this overview so that when it does happen, you will be equipped with information to make the best remedy choices, and keep any complications simple.
Implant Technology— A Miracle in Dentistry
Perhaps the greatest modern dental miracle is implant technology. Lost teeth, not only impair your health, but also undermine your confidence. Most typically, implants are the best option when the tooth can’t be saved, By replacing it with an implant, complete functionality is restored. Natural appearance transforms the loss into normalcy….


Implant Options Expand—What a Difference a Day Makes! “Smile in a Day” condenses implant treatment to be more efficient and comfortable for patients. Consider the advantages and if this option is right for you. Most of the in-chair treatment does happen in one day, and you leave the office with a beautiful smile.
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