A Team Approach to Dentistry

Although each of Dr. Chernoff’s team members have a unique background, all come together with a united vision, values, approaches, and attitudes. Working as a harmonious team, they find their greatest gratification in helping each patient attain the greatest oral health.

But being healthy in today’s society is time consuming and expensive without shortcuts. Diet, exercise, and healthcare all demand attention. One of the fastest and easiest ways to maintain overall health can start with oral health.


To help you with the basic knowledge needed to keep your oral health at its best, we publish a series of helpful tips in short articles. These give you a simple guide to reveal options, save time, money, and effort. They help you easily do your dental diligence and we hope you find them helpful.


“After years of practicing dedicated dental care, I continually find gratification by influencing many lives. And, each day offers me even greater opportunity to serve. Yet, equal gratification comes from working with the loyal and just-as-dedicated staff. When so focused on patient needs, it is important to stop and realize that one of the best reasons I enjoy dentistry is sharing with those who work harmoniously side-by-side. Formally introduced here, I hope that this glimpse conveys the warmth, commitment, and the expertise of these very special professionals that I am proud to have as colleagues.”

Dr. Arnold K. Chernoff DDS
Office: 847-475-4080


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