An Average Day at the Office

The sounds and rhythms of our dental office are often welcoming and comforting. From the staff’s positive attitudes to the gentle whirring of machines, a day at the office usually goes by without a hitch. Recently, a phone call stirred up some excitement.

“Hello?! I have a toothache and I need to see the doctor!” growled the gruff voice from the other end of the phone. Lisa, the office assistant, was taken aback by the patient, but tried her best to accommodate him. She scheduled him for later that afternoon, and told him where the office was located. The time of his appointment quickly approached, and the mystery patient was nowhere to be seen. After some time had passed, Libby gave him a call. “I’m across from the library and I don’t see a dental building! There’s no Church Street here!” the confused patient exclaimed. Libby tried explaining the directions to the man, as he handed the phone to a gas station attendant in exasperation. After a few minutes of analyzing the surroundings, the gas station attendant stopped and asked the million dollar question – “The office is in Evanston, Wyoming, correct ma’am?” Libby explained that the office was in Evanston, Illinois. The confusion was instantly cleared up.

Sometimes, we lose ourselves in the details, when we really just need to take a step back and see the big picture, or in this case, see a picture of a map!

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