Chernoffisms Launched

“Chernoffisms” are easy-to-remember sayings that support dental hygiene habits. I have collected these through the years, yet still come up with new ones. Having them illustrated will also help to make them memorable. Hopefully, you find these as motivational as I intend them! May you find your best care to optimum oral health! —Dr. Arnold Chernoff
Chernoffism #1 ——————————–
“To smile confidently and proudly is one of life’s greatest delights.”
Dental diligence is vastly rewarding. In the moments of first impressions, a confident smile can transform a good experience to a great one.
Chernoffism #2——————————–
“Bones, gums, and teeth work in harmony as a very special collaboration. It is one guide to your total health.”
Gums provide the best early warning system for when help is needed. Every mouth needs assistance to stay healthy, as this is often where we show stress or imbalance first. 
Chernoffism #3——————————–
“Take care of your oral health to keep your whole body at its best.”
Every mouth is as unique as its owner. Every mouth needs help to keep at its best. Whatever can happen in wear and tear to our mouths as we live full lives, has a solution that can preserve full functionality.
Chernoffism #4——————————–
“By maintaining your teeth, you ensure they are always there when you need them.” 
Threats to oral longevity are insidious, and develop slowly, almost unnoticed. The only way to combat is through awareness and developing maintenance habits.

Dr. Arnold K. Chernoff DDS

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