Dental TreatmentsDentistry is changing very quickly with new procedures and materials. Today’s practice has very little in common with the early days of dentistry (can you believe that only about 100 years ago, the dentist and the barber were the same person?) Gone are the days of silver fillings and primitive anesthetics! Today, treatments are much faster, virtually pain-free, and take advantage of durable materials that can permanently extend the life of teeth!

As oral care options have expanded, many patients may be confused or wonder what is the best approach for their situation. There is no one solution that fits everyone. At Arnold K. Chernoff DDS, our knowledgeable, up-to-date dental team, that loves to both learn and explain, can give you the assurance to make the best choice.

Patients Share Treatment Experiences with advice directly from those who know.

Dental Care Choices learning about your needs helps us to evaluate and plan your treatment.

Comprehensive Exam helps you know what to expect in your evaluation.

Hygiene Check-up gives a list of continuing care practices.

Dental Implants description, options, and solutions.

Patient Education is a comprehensive overview of all the treatments available.

Before and After is our “Smile Gallery” of proud transformations.

Cosmetic Overview explains options and how to achieve the most beautiful smile.

Restorative Overview presents the range of options to consider.

Dental Videos quickly show the most common dental care considerations.

Check back often for reference and to see what new processes may help in your best oral health. Also, visit our Testimonials section to hear directly from those who have experiences that may relate to your own.

Once consulting with Dr. Arnold K. Chernoff, this segment can be a refresher for ongoing progress to help you reach health goes most easily.