Dental Care ChoicesTo help you take care of your teeth, smile, and mouth is our primary goal at the office of Arnold K. Chernoff DDS. The level of care that you want is your choice; Dr. Chernoff and his dental team will help you under- stand the variables so that you can make the best decision. First, choose how you would like us to work with you. Please consider these guidelines to best meet your goals:

1. Urgent care:

> you need immediate relief from crisis—pain, swelling, or bleeding
> you wish to deal with major problems that develop, versus prevention
> your desire is to control pain and/or save the tooth

2. Remedial care:

> you need correction for obvious problems—cracked teeth, cavities, sensitivity, discomfort, or present concerns
> you wish to repair the teeth, not to be proactive
> your desire is to maintain a basic level of health

3. Proactive care:

> you need necessary immediate treatments and help for conditions that may create problems in the near future
> you wish to maintain the health of each tooth and prevent concerns from developing
> your treatment may be prioritized to manage costs, yet it takes care of issues soon enough to not become bigger problems

4. Complete care:

> your concern is for your current and long term oral conditions
> you choose between all options to remain healthy and minimize costs
> your treatment follows a step-by-step master plan, focused on restoration, prevention, and regular care for health and improved appearance

5. Optimal care:

> you focus on long term dental health care sand disease prevention
> your desire is to enhance your appearance with an improved beautiful smile
> you utilize treatment options to correct all dental concerns for lifelong function