Insight and judgement reflect the dental team’s innate talents for diagnosis. They are also the beginning of effective treatment. Advances in disease detection are on the exciting forefront of new cures. As oral health is indicative of overall health, many serious issues can be discovered first with dental diagnostic tests. Advances in diagnosis enable the dental patient’s experience to be easier and the results more accurate. Today’s techniques, tests, and materials make a visit to your dentist totally different than even twenty years ago. A review of these advances show where the profession is heading. Testing continually becomes faster and more accurate. Our office is proud to provide the latest, range of the best techniques:

Diagnosis and Prevention

  • X-rays remain one of the most useful symptom-exposing tools. Today, digital X-rays have greater resolution, which enables us to blow up details and understand specific structure. We can show you exactly what is going on with your dental anatomy, reveal any mysteries, and have as a resource to develop your treatment plan. Further, X-rays serve as a baseline by which to measure any change as time progresses.
  • Dental fitness exam that charts the health of your gum tissue. Calibrations monitor condition.
  • TMJ disfunction can cause pain in teeth.
  • Gingivitis is very preventable if following good home hygiene care. However, patients are more susceptible as you age, so monitoring the condition of gums helps to determine the risks.
  • Muscle examination including the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The jaw joint affects the bite, which we can measure. Functionality is examined and monitored for any shifting.
  • Visual examination can evaluate the development of any concerning symptoms. Dr. Chernoff uses his skill and judgement to present the best treatment options for any dental situation that requires attention.
  • Cancer screening utilizes the Vizilite method for immediate evaluation areas of concern shown on gums, tongue, or soft oral tissue. Monitoring change determines any danger. Cancer risk factors make a large number of patients potential victims of what is a deadly disease, highly curable if detected early.


For only a few minutes a day, taking care of your teeth has greater health impact than any other habits you can perform in the same amount of time. It takes very little effort for the benefits of flossing, brushing, and getting regular professional cleanings. Although home dental diligence is essential, there is always a build-up of plaque or bacteria hiding that commercial toothbrushes for floss can’t reach.

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