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A dental emergency can be an alarming experience. It’s often painful and in some cases, accompanied by unsightly consequences that can make it uncomfortable or embarrassing to go to work or socialize. At Arnold Chernoff DDS, compassionate care is the defining value of our Evanston dental office, where we strive to accommodate patients in urgent need with flexible scheduling options.  During a dental emergency, we know that your number one priority is getting your dental problem corrected. Our staff will make every effort to get you in for treatment as immediately as possible.

A dental emergency may leave you feeling a bit rattled, so when you walk into our Evanston dental office expect to be put at ease and made comfortable by our warm and friendly staff. At Arnold Chernoff DDS, we strive to provide every patient with the individualized attention they deserve.  Prompt, professional, personalized care is our specialty so you can be assured our skilled practitioner will assess your dental emergency, make the proper diagnosis and determine the best course of action to alleviate your symptoms and restore your smile to mint condition. Whether it’s a broken or lost tooth, crown, bridge, or denture, we take any issue compromising your oral health seriously. Our state-of the-art facility is outfitted with the latest dental technology ensuring there is no problem too big or small for our capable team to handle. At Arnold Chernoff DDS, we care if you feel comfortable with the appearance of your smile so we treat any issue compromising the aesthetic appeal of your teeth with the same level of urgency as any other dental emergency.

When you choose Arnold Chernoff DDS, you are choosing among the best in the field of dentistry. That’s due to the skill and experience of our team, the innovative technology at our disposal, and most important, because of our compassionate approach to dental care. We take the time to build a trusting rapport with every patient so we can provide the best dental care possible; in an emergency, that really matters. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.


636 Church Street
Evanston, Il 60201
(847) 282-4771

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