Have you ever felt this way about going to the dentist?

Having work done on your teeth might simply seem like a tedious and apprehensive endeavor. If we look a little closer, we can see that there is good reason for you you to be nervous.

There is a tremendous amount of emotional attachment associated with your mouth. It brings sustenance to your body so that you can live. Being able to chew and eat gracefully is also essential to your social interactions.

Your mouth empowers you to communicate with other people. To be taken seriously by others, you must make yourself clearly understood.

Your mouth shapes your smile – the easiest way to show others how you feel and what they mean to you. Without this classic tool of expression, it is far harder to show appreciation and affection.

You express love with your mouth by kissing, an act that is important to family intimacy.

Considering you have more nerve endings in, and around your mouth, it is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Pain is magnified when it comes to your mouth.  Fear of  pain is real and justified!

Now let us introduce one or two people, my assistant John and I, invading your personal space wearing masks and gloves and wielding sharp instruments and needles. To some people, this might sound like an armed robbery.

On top of that, dentistry can become expensive and there is sometimes fear of cost.

Most people never stop to consider the emotional component of dental treatment. This is a key consideration that a dentist must make when treating any patient. It is crucial for a dentist to be very sensitive to a patients’ emotional needs when formulating his or her individual treatment plan.

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