The Importance of Relationship Dentistry

Medicine and Dentistry are currently going through significant changes – and I am concerned with the resulting quality of patient care.

The trend now is for dentists to join a PPO insurance network. The insurance company is then responsible for determining what dental procedures the patient is eligible for. This should be the responsibility of the dentist not an insurance administrator. I believe this leads to inadequate dental care for the patient and interferes with the doctor patient relationship.. For example, many insurance companies restrict patients to two cleanings per year when the patient would benefit from more frequent care due having periodontal issues.

I am committed to serving my patients and providing the highest standard of care, while continuing to advance the doctor-patient relationship. We believe in relationship dentistry. What does this mean exactly?

Our office is dedicated to learning as much about each and every one of our patient as we can. We want to know your dental goals, circumstances, and concerns.

Trust is extremely important in this relationship. We will take the time to establish repertoire and listen to you.– Together, we will develop a treatment plan which is appropriate for each individual patient. Usually we can develop a plan which is completed in phases so you are not overwhelmed – emotionally or financially. If you prefer to accomplish your treatment as fast as possible, we can be very accommodating.

Ultimately, relationship dentistry takes time and commitment from both patient and doctor.

The insurance companies tend to interfere with and complicate this form of practice. In summary, if you want your dentistry completed with as little out-of-pocket expense as possible and the insurance company controlling what your dental care will be and how much it should cost, then you may want to consider a dental office that is part of an insurance network.

If you are concerned with establishing a relationship with your dentist more than what procedures will be covered by your insurance than we just might be the office for you.

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