Instrumental Innovation

Dental science races ahead with new materials, instruments, and techniques. But most adults still experience anticipation anxiety before making dental appointments. Perception lags behind reality, as the reasons for such reluctance have actually evaporated! Our series on innovation continues with facing the most feared, yet least understood, aspect.

FEATURE: “The Worst is Over”

Advancement in instrument technology can sooth your deepest dental visit fears. Perhaps it is the sensation of the drill that is your most dreaded. Dr. Chernoff describes how such perceptions will change based on new developments. He proves that the anxiety about drill sound or vibration is much worse than reality. He can transform your trepidation about procedure as he transforms your oral health; Dr. Chernoff provides the latest in techniques, skills, and understanding.

If the drill is your biggest dread, and you are in need of dentistry, rest assured that not only is the worst over, the unpleasantness barely exists. Modern technology is moving in leaps and bounds with some of the most important advances in the dental drill.

Dr. Chernoff beams with pride as he describes the advances in drill technology. He recites the manufacturers’ names, the way patients might recite movie titles! Dr. Chernoff describes how “today’s advanced precise instruments are 100 times faster than their previous generation! They have speed and features of air and light that allow the drill to perform like a warm knife in butter.”

When a fear is not addressed, it remains a fear. When the cause is revealed and solved, the fear goes away. Most adults at one time or another experience dental anxiety: and the biggest reluctance is to face the dreaded drill. The sound, the vibrations, the sensations, are remembrances of past hours in the chair. It seemed like it would never end, and finally, the cavity was filled and the satisfaction of hoping not to do it again was overwhelming.

That perception may have been earned in the past, but today the situation should be the opposite! With major advances in high speed drills, accurate and pin-pointed application, greatly minimizes. The inconvenience and pain repercussions of NOT getting the tooth repaired is far worse, and that difficulty will have implications for the rest of your life!

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Exemplary X-rays

Imaging technology leads the innovations that have transformed dentistry. The development of X-rays launched a quiet revolution. Then, imaging innovation took another leap when it evolved from film to digital capability. With increased diagnostic accuracy and treatment precision, Dr. Chernoff describes how this impacts those needing dental services. This is one of the factors to help alleviate dental anxiety.

Every bright healthy smile is supported by technology which is on the forefront of medicine. Each development increases the accuracy of diagnosis and speeds the dental treatment time.

X-rays are the best way to see inside the bone and teeth. Many conditions can not be treated effectively without using this tool. The technology was first applied to dentistry around 1902 when one image took about 25 minutes! The speed increased, but basically stayed the same for 80 years: the dentist placed a small negative X-ray on a light box to evaluate. A series of X-rays was needed to cover the entire mouth, and the detail was marginal.

About thirty years ago, a French dentist, Dr. Francis Mouyen, introduced the use of digital radiography to produce filmless dental images. Developments in software expanded accuracy to a level not dreamed of! When analyzing, the dentist can now consider different angles, views, and varying amounts of detail. Records are easily shared, compiled, and stored. This quiet revolution has made a major difference in the quality of dental services.

Because X-rays increase diagnostic efficiency, treatment is more accurate. This is one of the ways that today’s dentistry improves the patient experience, and eases dental anxiety.

When making a big decision, most adults start with a Google search. Choosing a dentist is a big decision, as it necessitates a long-term relationship that affects health, well-being, and appearance. We are judged by our smiles. And we judge the professionals that nurture that smile by first checking on the internet for who is available, and what is said about them.
In the last few years, a greater and greater percentage of our new patients find us by research of homework on the web. Google ratings matter to help searchers find resources, keywords direct the needy, and reviews become decision-making tools.
The importance of what reviewers say actually does not represent the total reality of patient opinions. Many happy patients have busy lives and don’t take the time to write reviews. Though it only takes a few minutes to do, it takes a mindset to realize its importance—both for matching other patients with good resources, and for the survival of those good resources.
Many who actively write reviews are social media participants. They enjoy the reviewer community and realize the value of such contribution. The more dental offices depend on this resource for new patients, the more sensitive dentists and potential patients become to how it influences.
Your opinion matters and creates a ripple effect. When you write a review, you help another with dental needs become matched to a good resource. With the prevalence of corporate dental offices, the individual practitioner, who gives personal care, becomes more treasured. And you ensure that the personalized dental team is always there for you. It is a triple-win because our dental practice can sustain a healthy momentum, the searcher discovers a provider to last, and you can voice your experience while helping others. As dental professionals, we find our greatest gratification in improving lives through our care, skill, and judgement. Your response also influences our focus. Thank you if you have written a review. If not, please contribute here with:
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