An energetic and motivated dental hygienist, Megan came to Illinois from Pennsylvania to complete her education (at Sanford-Brown College) and fell in love with the midwest. Dedicated to exceptional oral hygiene treatments combined with follow-up care, her holistic approach blends with Dr. Chernoff’s team. There is a commitment in this office to preventative education and care management. Megan finds that the shared approaches has formed the team environment that can provide the highest quality service.

Dental health needs more attention, which is why I chose this profession. Never having a positive experience with dentists until I was in my 20’s. Then, an awesome hygienist, instead of scolding me, tried to help me set goals. Instead of just telling me to brush and floss, she took the time to show me the proper way and was really encouraging. This made me interested in my own oral health, but also made me do some research into what a dental hygienist does. I found out so many things in the dental field that I never knew and was excited to learn about! I fell in love with the goal of achieving my dream career.

So began my journey to find the right program. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with the dental field and sharing it with my patients. I love working with people, so being a hygienist is the perfect job to really get to know a large variety in a personal setting, spend one-on-one time and form long lasting relationships. Every appointment is different from the last. I tailor the time to each individual patient’s needs—I want every one who walks into my operatory to feel confident and comfortable. It never gets old teaching the patient something about their oral health that relates to the overall body, or seeing a light bulb come on when you show them a new trick for their daily home care routine. It’s a great feeling having our patient’s leave with a clean mouth and the tools they need to maintain it!