Onuge Teeth Whitening Review


It is not meant to replace regular dental care. Teeth whitening products are a fast and affordable way to get the best smile.

There are many factors that can affect your smile. Your diet is a major factor in determining the color of your teeth. Consuming food and beverages that naturally stain your teeth might affect your teeth whitening process. This includes curry, coffee, foods with tomato-based sauces among others.

Tobacco is also a major cause of tooth stains. So if you want whiter teeth, minimizing or stopping your smoking habits may help a lot.

Another factor can be the type of teeth you have. How thick your enamel is will determine the color of your teeth.

Enamel is the part of your teeth that covers the crown. Because enamel is transparent, it does not show the natural yellowish color of your dentil.

This is how most teeth-whitening products work. These products contain ingredients that can break down the enamel, pass through it and “dehydrate” the dentil. The saliva then helps the dentil rehydrate naturally.

The effectiveness of teeth whitening products therefore are dependent on its ingredients and how effective they are. Of course, other factors have to be looked at too, like how much it affects the sensitive teeth, or will it even cause it.


For those of you who prefer a more visual experience, here is a video review from Time Flies with Kylie’s YouTube channel. To get a comprehensive overview of Snow Teeth Whitening, you may still want to check out our article below.

SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit Onuge Teeth Whitening Review

SNOW Teeth Whitening offers oral care in the privacy of customers’ homes. Their SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit, their flagship product, is one of the best in business. They are the “Internet’s favourite teeth whitening product”!

The SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit is SNOW’s premiere teeth whitening product. It is an LED based teeth whitening kit that promises brighter teeth after 21 days of regular use. It includes 3 regular whitening products and 1 strong one, as well as an LED mouthguard and a shade guide.

The LED mouthguard activates the active ingredients to whiten the teeth. These ingredients which are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are common for teeth whitening products.


As stated, the premiere ingredients of the SNOW Whitening Kit are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The normal serum contains six to ten per cent. The strength serum is almost twice as strong. 

The active ingredient sodium bicarbonate is another. This is an abrasive that removes plaque. SNOW has little of this since too much can cause sensitive tooth

Peppermint oil is included for flavor.

These are the main ingredients of this product.

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Glycerol
  • Deionized water
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Carbomer
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Peppermint oil


The entire kit is easy to use, with the exception of a few unspecific areas. The serum can be applied directly to your teeth. Once the serum has absorbed, the LED mouthguard will take over.

These wands can be a great idea. You can apply the serum more precisely than other types of serum because it is directly applied to your teeth. That is compared to syringe type serums where there is a lot of messy potential.

The kit promises a whiter smile in 21 to 30 days, depending on how you use it. Onuge Teeth Whitening Review


You can buy the SNOW Teeth Whitening kit at their website for $150. There is also a wireless version that costs $299.

Refills for your whitening serum are 29$ for both the regular and extra strong serum.

The Good

  • Using it is very easy
  • Replacement batteries are not required for the LED mouthpiece.
  • Portable and can be used whenever
  • It has fewer corrosive components, so it can be used to treat sensitive teeth
  • Other than talking, non-obstructive to regular activities

The Bad

  • During the treatment, you are not allowed to speak for 20-30 minutes.
  • Some people find the mouthpiece uncomfortably tight.
  • The price is higher than other whitening products
  • Some parts of the instructions are unclear

Snow Teeth Whitening Vs BrighterWhite

BrighterWhite is another teeth whitening product. Their website is sparsely detailed and focuses primarily on the BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Kit.

They mention that their formula is the best whitening gel in the business after 8 years of trial and error. They strive for simplicity, affordability and efficiency that is unmatched.

BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Kits has been designed to dissolve both intrinsic and extrinsic stains found deep in the pores of the teeth.

How BrighterWhite works is that as their whitening gel breaks down, it oxidizes the stained organic deposits into a whiter color. This process allows the intrinsic and extrinsic parts of the teeth a brighter and whiter color. Onuge Teeth Whitening Review

Onuge Teeth Whitening Review

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BrighterWhite’s teeth whitening gel contains peroxide. In this instance, it is ureaperoxide. In dental circles, this ingredient is known as carbamide peroxide.

While diluted urea peroxide can be used to whiten the teeth, too much of this ingredient could be harmful to the enamel of the tooth.

One thing that is curious for this product though is that depending on your location, you might get a gel that has a different formula. The FAQ section on the website states that people ordering from Germany will receive the non-peroxide formulation.

It could be related to regulations. But this does beg the question, Why not make a uniform formula? Does that mean that German customers have a more effective or less effective whitening product?

For the whole list of ingredients we have:

  • Glycerin
  • Urea Peroxide
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Xylitol
  • Carbomer
  • Mentha Piperita Oil
  • Triethanolamine
  • Aqua

Version non-peroxide (Germany Only).

  • Glycerine
  • Deionized water
  • Carbopol
  • Triethanolamine
  • Sodium perborate


Like most teeth whitening products, the box contains a number of materials.

This tray-based teeth whitening kit comes with custom mouth trays (3 to be exact), LED lights with 2 button cells batteries and a shade guide to help you track your teeth from day 1 to day 7.

They also include six syringes to hold the formula as well as two syringes for the desensitizing formula. A pamphlet is included for the 7-day challenge. Instructions are found at the back of the box, so make sure not to lose the box or you can find it on the internet.

The treatment proper is a much more involved process. At first use, you need to do a “fitting” for the included tray.

The use of the syringes during treatment can be tricky and frustrating. If you’re not an expert at using syringes, it can be difficult to determine the correct amount.

Treatments usually take between 30-60 minutes. This means that the treatment takes between 30-60 minutes.

Some people may feel sensitive when using the product. Curing this requires redoing the process with the desensitization gel and without the LED lights.

After your last meal, it is best to have your treatment done at night. Also, ensure that your teeth are clean before doing the treatment. Brushing your teeth before you start is a good idea.

For best results, it is recommended that you do the treatment for 7-14 days. Onuge Teeth Whitening Review


BrighterWhites teeth-whitening kits cost based on how long you want them to last. They have a 3 month supply for $122. You can also get a 6-month supply for $220, which includes a whitening pen.

They also have a “Best Friend’s Pack” for $536. You get twice the product in this pack, which is also available as a 6-month supply. This is perfect if you want to do your treatment along with a friend.

Right now, the company is offering huge discounts for their mid-year mega sale. This is the perfect time to try their products.

The Good

  • Portable, you can take it almost anywhere
  • You can whiten your teeth in two days with quick results

The Bad

  • Also in the more expensive side
  • Strong ingredients means it could cause sensitive teeth.
  • Some ingredients can be sketchy at oo
  • Finicky and more involved steps in the application process
  • Included batteries are non rechargeable


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Snow Teeth Whitening vs. Arc Teeth Whitening

Another contender for teeth whitening products is the Are Teeth Whitening Strip Kit with Blue light. The products we’ve previously seen involved serums. Arc Teeth Whitening, however, is a whitening strip.

Arc Teeth Whitening was created for the purpose of providing a safe and effective alternative for homemade teeth whitening that may be harmful to people. They stand for confidence and reliability.

For their whitening strips, they only use known and proven methods of teeth whitening. They guarantee that their product contains no additional ingredients.

The Arc Teeth Whitening Kit is their most popular teeth whitening product. It combines teeth whitening strips with the LED blue light technology at a specific wavelength. It targets stains in the enamel to weaken their chemical bonds to get a whiter teeth.

At first glance, the box gives you a bunch of products, however most of what is included are the whitening strips. You are greeted by 1 ARC light and 14 treatment strips when you open the box.

Each treatment includes two strips. One for the top and one for bottom. According to the Arc Blue light, it can last approximately 28 treatments. Specifically, that is 14 treatments, and 2 refills. Each refill has 7 treatments included.


Hydrogen Peroxide is the active ingredient in Arc Teeth Whitening Kit. This compound is common in many tooth whitening products. That said, hydrogen peroxide can cause sensitivity if used improperly.

The product also contains the following ingredients:

  • PVP
  • PEG-8
  • Water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Acrylates copolymer
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Sodium saccharin

Except for hydrogen peroxide, most of these ingredients are used for flavor, adhesion and consistency.


Application of the Arc Teeth Whitening kit is easier than most of the other prodcuts. The entire treatment takes only 30 minutes. However, the LED blue light can be held for just five minutes.

This means that you can continue your day without being interrupted by the treatment. You can even talk to people while doing it.

However, you must be careful that you only do the treatment at the allotted time. You don’t want sensitive teeth if you apply the strips for too long.

To avoid sensitive teeth, the ARC whitening treatment should be used only once daily. It is fine to skip a few days after applying the treatment. However, spreading the application of the strips over a longer period of time may not yield the best results.

Warning: Do not brush immediately before applying strips. This is to avoid gum irritation


The Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit is priced at $44.94 on their website. The whitening strip refills cost about $19.94. The Arc Blue Light can last 28 treatments so the initial treatment cost may be $84.82.

Overall, the Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit is on the cheaper side compared to other teeth whitening products.

The Good

  • Very easy to apply and LED light only takes 5 minutes of your treatment time
  • Price point is on the cheaper side
  • You can remove stains from coffee and red wine.
  • Mouthpiece has a built-in timer and is waterproof
  • Strips are more comfortable than other teeth whitening applications
  • After the first week, you can see results.

The Bad

  • Sensitivity to tooth-pills can be very common, especially if they are applied for a longer time than is necessary.
  • LED mouthpiece battery is not rechargeable. If your LED mouthpiece battery dies, you will need to purchase a new one to continue your treatment.
  • The set only includes14 strips with the blue light. The refills have only seven.
  • If used incorrectly, can cause permanent tooth decay.

Snow Teeth Whitening vs SmileActives Teeth Whitening

SmileActives Teeth Whitening is a company founded by Robert Eric Montgomery, a biochemist and inventor for innovative dental care. Montgomery is also responsible in part for OPI, BriteSmile and Oraceutical cosmetic companies.


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SmileActives founder boasts about 90 dental and cosmetic patents under his belt.

SmileActives range of products includes items such as their Vibrite Sonic Tooth to their advanced teeth whitening pen. However, their premiere product would be their Power Whitening Gel.

The thing that separates the Power Whitening Gel to other teeth whitening products in this list is that it is not a kit. The Power Whitening Gel is just that, a teeth whitening gel. To achieve whiter teeth, there are no complicated mouth trays or fancy LED light fixtures.

Polyclean Technology is used to make the Power Whitening Gel. It generates a powerful micro-foam that penetrates the tooth enamel. It can lift and remove stains.

The Power Whitening Gel promises visible results in as little as 30 days. Onuge Teeth Whitening Review


SmileActives Power Whitening Gel’s main ingredient is also hydrogen peroxide.

While all ingredients found in the gel are safe, they are not all naturally-derived ingredients. Those looking for an all natural teeth whitening solution have to look elsewhere.

The ingredients of all Power Whitening Gels include:

  • Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Glycerin
  • Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/ Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer
  • Flavor
  • Sodium Saccharin
  • Etidronic Acid
  • Potassium Stannate
  • Ammonium Hydroxide


Since the Power Whitening Gel is simply a gel, its application is also just as simple. You don’t need to use LED lights or trays. The whole process will literally take as fast as you finish brushing your teeth.

To apply the Power Whitening Gel, you just add some of it to your toothbrush along with your normal toothpaste. Then you go about and brush your teeth normally.

It is one, if not the only, teeth whitening product that does not impede your schedule to apply. Of course that’s given if you regularly brush your teeth twice a day already.


SmileActives Power Whitening gel is priced at $29.95 for small bottles and $89.85 large ones. Sure, it might seem that the price is a lot cheaper than most teeth whitening products, however, you have to bear in mind that you’re actually paying for a bottle of product.

Some customers find that this price might be too steep for just a bottle and they have a problem with that.

That said, SmileActive offers a membership to its customers. All auto-delivery orders are eligible for a 33% discount to members.

This delivery service can also be customized like the frequency and which products you want to buy.

The Good

  • Very easy to use, does not take much of your time
  • Cheaper than most teeth whitening products
  • LED light and other paraphernalia not needed for the whole treatment
  • All ingredients are enamel-safe

The Bad

  • Reviews are mixed about how effective the product is.
  • Will not whiten crowns or veneers
  • Not all whitening results will be the same
  • Not all ingredients are natural which may be a turnoff to some
  • It may take more than a month for the results to be visible

Snow Teeth Whitening vs Opalescence

Opalescence is another brand that offers teeth whitening products. Most of their products can be purchased through a local dentist’s office. However, they also have a few different products that include at-home treatments, in-office whitening, and whitening toothpaste.

Like most whitening products, Opalescence whitening products lighten discolored teeth that are caused by the common suspects of tea, coffee, soda, and tobacco among others.

Opalescence uses advanced, dental-grade formulas to whiten teeth. These formulas remove stains from the enamel and dentin. Onuge Teeth Whitening Review

One of their best products is the Opalescence Go which are pre-applied teeth whitening trays. Opalescence Go is applied with the Ultrafit formula that fits most types of smiles.

Opalescence Go is available in two concentrations: 10% and 15%. Their main difference is the amount of hydrogen peroxide in them which determines the strength. For sensitive teeth, the 10% option is recommended.

Opalescence Go also comes in two flavors of mint and melon. This is a plus for customers as biting at a treatment can be either boring or undesirable especially if the treatment’s flavor is bad.

Because of its compact design, the Opalescence Go makes it easy to transport. It’s a good emergency product to bring for when you attend special occasions.

That said, you would be hard pressed to find the Opalescence Go online as it can only be ordered from a dental professional.


Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in Opalescence Go. Customers have a choice between getting a 10% strength or 15% one.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to treat a variety of conditions. However, it is not recommended for use in excess. Too much hydrogen peroxide can cause tooth sensitive. The formula also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to alleviate the problem. These ingredients can strengthen enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Although their official website does not include all the ingredients in Opalescence Go’s formula, we do know the following:

  • Carbamide Peroxide is broken down into Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Flouride
  • Flavoring (melon and mint)


The Opalescence Go is different from most teeth whitening trays as you do not need a customized or imprinted tooth tray. The UltraFit Technology allows for most teeth types accommodated.

The Opalescence Go can be applied in a matter of minutes. To deliver the inner tray to your teeth, you only need to use the outer tray. Both the top and bottom can be applied at the same time. It is actually a good idea, as it saves you a lot of time.

The strength of the formula will determine how long the tray must stay on your teeth. The 15% peroxide solution takes about 15 to 20 minutes to apply, while the 10% requires approximately an hour and a half. Onuge Teeth Whitening Review


Opalescence Go costs between $60 to $80. It will depend on how strong you are and where you live. To buy one, you will need to visit your dentist. Their website will help you.

Opalescence GO comes with 10 mouth trays. Enough to provide a 10-day treatment.


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The Good

  • More affordable than other Whitening Trays
  • UltraFit trays eliminate the need for impressions or custom trays
  • Lightweight, easy to carry wherever.
  • Application can be on the shorter side
  • Two strengths available
  • Choice of two flavors
  • Results in 10 days

The Bad

  • One size fits all
  • Not recommended for sensitive teeth
  • Accessible but not as easily as other brands (i.e. Other countries

GLO Science VS SNOW Teeth Whitening Onuge Teeth Whitening Review

GLO Science is a company that was founded by a husband and wife power combo: Dr. Jonathan B. and Stacey Levine. What motivated them was a vision of a better world if all of us can smile more.

The result of this vision emerged into the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device. This GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device fuses light and heat to activate their formulated gel. GLO stands to guided light optics.

The company’s most powerful and effective teeth whitening device, the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device. This product was created to help customers achieve whiter teeth in the privacy of their own homes.

This device includes their patented GLO Brilliant Heat & LED whitening mouthpiece, a storage case to store said mouthpiece, a rechargeable GLO Control with extended battery life and hands-free lanyard.

You will also receive 10 vials of Teeth Whitening Gel GLO that are 2.95mL and are good for 60 uses. You can also add an 8mL GLO lip product to protect your lips from chapped or dry lips.

They also included a universal power cable and a USB adapter to charge the device. It also includes a zippered travel storage case. To assist the customer in the treatment, a shade guide is provided and a user manual is also included.


Just as with most teeth whitening products, the main active ingredient for GLO is hydrogen peroxide. This ensures that you will see some whitening.

To avoid sensitive teeth, the whitening formula is largely alcohol- and peroxide-free.

Overall, the the whitening formula includes the following:

  • Distilled water
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Hydrogen peroxide (6%)
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Glycerin
  • Estate disodium
  • Sodium Saccharin
  • Sodium fluoride
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Flavor

Lip care products also have their own set of ingredients, which includes: Onuge Teeth Whitening Review

  • Ricinus Communis (castor) Seed Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Leaf),
  • Stearalkonium Hectorite
  • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter
  • Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract
  • Menthol
  • Alcohol
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax
  • Tocopherol
  • Ammonium Glycyrrhizate
  • Ubiquinone

Please note that the shea butter is organic


While the product does boast about being less messy than using whitening strips and mouth trays, applying the product does still involve a lot of mess.

One, LED mouthpieces will always cause drool or spit. You must repeat the process three times, eight minutes at each time. This includes doing the whole ritual from the lip balm application to the biting down of the mouthpiece.

One good thing about their gadget is their automatic timer. The GLO control included in the package, unlike most other treatments, will count down until the process is complete.

That said, there have been complaints about the design of the GLO vial containers. It is sometimes nearly impossible to squeeze all of the product from the vials. Given that one vial is usually good for one treatment, this makes the vial inefficient in its application

Sometimes the formula in the vials does not contain enough to treat the entire treatment. Given the price point of the product, it is not hard to understand why some people think that they are being ripped off.

Treatment is expected to last for 5 days, but it can be extended. It all depends on how consistent the treatment is and what type of tooth the user has.


GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening is more expensive than the other options. At the price of $199, one could say that a purchase of the product is an investment.

Refills for the Teeth Whitening Glo Vials range from $24-$65, depending on how many you order. All options include a free lip care except for the cheapest option of a 3 pack

Another refill option is their cinnamint flavor. It comes in a 3 pak and a 5 pack and costs about the same as the mint flavor, except it doesn’t include the free lip care.

The cost of refilling the lip cream is 15$

The Good

  • FDA approval is not like most brands
  • Easy to use
  • Remote timer can be used for convenience
  • Sensitivity is not a problem
  • Includes a lip care product to keep your lips healthy while doing the treatment

The Bad

  • It is a good investment because of its high price.
  • Vials are poorly designed and may have leftover product you can’t get
  • Some complained that the remote didn’t last long enough.
  • Also, refills can be expensive
  • The treatment process can be a mit messy


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Although the SNOW Teeth Whitening kit is among the most effective, there are many other options. At the end of the day, it is up to the customer to choose by taking in mind the quickness of the results, the price, and of course their tooth sensitivity.

It is important to consult your dentist before you decide on any treatment. A dentist can recommend the best product for you to use in your whitening treatment. Onuge Teeth Whitening Review

Choose SNOW teeth whitening if:

  • You have sensitive teeth
  • You want a less messy process
  • You want a more controlled coating process
  • You have other treatment done to your mouth ie. braces, retainers, crowns, etc.
  • You want to invest in teeth whitening while getting the most value for it in the future

BrighterWhite is the best choice if you:

  • You do not worry about sensitive teeth
  • You need faster results
  • You have a lower budget

Choose ARC Whitening for:

  • While you are a strong believer in LED technology, you don’t want to bother with mouth trays or mouthpieces.
  • You want fast results
  • You desire more convenience in the time you have to receive treatment
  • There is no need to worry about sensitive teeth.

Smileactives is the best choice if you are:

  • You want a cheap yet effective teeth whitening product
  • You can’t handle LED mouthpieces and mouth trays.
  • The simplest method of application is what you want
  • You are fine with products that are not natural.

Choose Opalescence:

  • You need something that is approved by a dentist
  • You can handle trays but wished the process could be faster
  • You want cheaper yet effective mouth trays
  • You would like to be able to choose from a variety of flavors

Choose GLO Science if:

  • You want to fully invest on a whitening kit
  • You think LED systems are not enough and you want to include heat in the mix
  • Sensitive teeth
  • You want your lips to be cared of when doing treatments
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