Options for Several Missing Teeth

The Implant Series continues with solutions for restoring or replacing several lost teeth. Restoring implies a return to normal chewing. Repairing is a permanent replacement requiring the least amount of maintenance. There are many options between, and one to fit every situation. From a single missing tooth replaced by an individual implant to several missing teeth replaced by a cluster of crowns, the goal is always the same: a return to normalcy. If a tooth or teeth are missing, the sooner the solution, the healthier your other teeth and jaw will remain. Having several missing teeth is urgent as your lifestyle is impaired.

FEATURE: “Restore or Replace Several Teeth? Solutions from Bridge to Implants” The choices available for replacing or restoring missing teeth need not be confusing. Several factors will dictate appropriate options. From temporary to permanent, innovation in process and materials make each solution accessible. Losing several teeth at once will weaken the jaw the longer it remains unsupported. Here is a quick primer in the four major treatments for a group of lost teeth. Let us help you scale choices to your circumstances. The best solution is the right solution for you.

When several teeth are missing, the effects on your life radiate outward into diet, social life, and overall health. Restorations can miraculously return chewing to normalcy, inspire dinners with friends, and provide overall well being. Missing teeth do not have to inhibit lifestyle or accelerate into further problems.

There are four major options that are recommended for missing teeth:

1. a partial denture that fills the gap and anchors to remaining natural teeth

2. a permanent bridge that utilizes natural supporting teeth

3. several implants that anchor a permanent bridge

4. an implant to replace each missing tooth for the most permanent solution.

 The gap created from several missing teeth can be filled by a dental bridge. Supported by remaining natural teeth, a bridge places stress on them as anchors. Eventually, they may be lost, which can lead to more complications.

A more effective option is to replace the missing teeth with implants which will anchor the bridge. This distributes the pressure evenly and further supports the surrounding teeth. It offers not only a more functional solution short-term, but also preserves the condition of your oral health long-term.

The longest-term solution is to replace each missing tooth with an implant. Healthy bone can anchor them, allowing them to behave as if natural.

Factors for choosing solutions for missing teeth:

• health of remaining teeth and gums (similar factors for an individual missing tooth)

• condition of bone to support implants

• any bone augmentation or grafting needed

• location of the missing teeth in relation to sinus or nerve centers

• costs for implants versus a permanent bridge or a partial denture

procedure time for implants takes a few months with a series of short dental appointments. A traditional bridge takes less time.

The best solution for each patient will be different, depending on these circumstances. Those with implant success find that the replacement teeth look natural and perform normally. Maintenance is similar to caring for natural teeth. With the convenience and comfort, implants are the most successful option known to efficiently handle a common dental loss.

“Replace to Restore: Implant Innovation” There is no better way to ensure the long life of your teeth than by replacing any that are missing. If a tooth is victim to misfortune of accident or damage, the other teeth become more threatened. Many patients don’t realize that underlying damage can’t be seen. Once the other teeth do show symptoms of stress, much damage has occurred. Implant solutions offer full functionality. Implant technology, on the forefront of dental developments, continues to improve. The major barriers for solutions to protect your teeth are evaporating. But consider now any factors that prevent your dental loss from continuing. The decision that you make on tooth replacement will affect the rest of your life.
Surprising Side-Effects of a Lost Tooth Sadly, most adults contend with losing a tooth, and related difficulties, some time in life (hopefully more later than earlier). Yet few really understand what it means to their health. Learn about the consequences and remedies in this overview so that when it does happen, you will be equipped with information to make the best remedy choices, and keep any complications simple.
Implant Technology— A Miracle in Dentistry
Perhaps the greatest modern dental miracle is implant technology. Lost teeth, not only impair your health, but also undermine your confidence. Most typically, implants are the best option when the tooth can’t be saved, By replacing it with an implant, complete functionality is restored. Natural appearance transforms the loss into normalcy….


Implant Options Expand—What a Difference a Day Makes! “Smile in a Day” condenses implant treatment to be more efficient and comfortable for patients. Consider the advantages and if this option is right for you. Most of the in-chair treatment does happen in one day, and you leave the office with a beautiful smile.

FROM THE PATIENTS: Insights into Dental Implants: Patients Share Experiences

Never has replacing damaged teeth been more painless or effective! You can achieve a proud smile and full functionality to repair any loss. Learn from the experiences of those who have achieved success with dental implants.

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