I Never Saw a Tooth Walk into My OfficeAlthough every tooth has a story, none of them are independent of their owners. And no two owners are alike; no two have identical situations. To provide the most effective and supporting dental service, the care a tooth needs is part of what its owner needs. To best nurture both is part of special dental training and aptitude.

Dr. Arnold K. Chernoff furthered his professional education at the Pankey Institute, the world’s longest operating continuing education institute for dentists. It was founded in 1972 to carry on the work of a world-famous dentist, Dr. Lindsey D. Pankey, whose philosophy was a holistic approach to dentistry. With the number of treatment options growing, a patients’ situation dictates which is the most appropriate. The role of the dentist becomes one not to dictate a single direction, but to present all the options—to satisfy the needs of each patient.

As a history-changing professional, Dr. Pankey was always searching for the best way to serve patients. He strove to listen well, to treat patients with respect and honor, and to further the practice of dentistry. His adherence to a higher moral code has infused the Institute and made it a place of excellence. Dr. Pankey was active within the Institute until his death in 1989.

When Dr. Pankey said, “I never saw a tooth walk into my office,” he was referring to the fact that “people” do the walking. He believed each person was to be treated as a unique individual, understood and offered the best dentistry. He also believed teeth were to be saved for a lifetime – a rare goal at the time he began practice. The Pankey Institute’s goals are to help you treasure your teeth, achieve optimal oral health, and give you a beautiful smile that you can maintain.

Dr. Chernoff and his staff are proud to stand behind the same standards of care and integrity as we treat each of your dental health needs.

OUR MISSION is to help our patients achieve a higher level of self-esteem, quality of life, and well-being, by enhancing the appearance, comfort, and function of their teeth.