OUR MISSION at Arnold K. Chernoff DDS is to help you achieve a higher level of self-esteem, quality of life, and well-being, by enhancing the appearance, comfort, and function of your teeth. Our philosophy highlights the connection between your oral and overall health.

The condition of your teeth can make or break your career and interpersonal relationships. They also support your quality of life in chewing foods of choice. Most importantly, they affect your health and your confidence. Our commitment is to help every patient achieve dental health goals. Our mission is to listen,recommend options, and provide super care.

Dentistry today is transformed from even twenty years ago. With innovative technologies, treatments, and medicines, older patients are astounded. Each member of our team is so fascinated by this progress, that it is among our reasons for choosing this profession.

Yet, the major reason we love dentistry is to improve lives. Healthy and attractive mouths are possible for anyone. We appreciate the deep physical and psychological role that dental condition plays in daily life.

OUR GOAL is to develop a relationship with you based on mutual respect and trust. When we understand your dental needs, your preferences, and situation, we can work together to achieve your objectives. Dr. Arnold K. Chernoff brings his knowledge, experience, skill, perceptiveness, and nurturing together to support your health. We offer you state-of-the-art dentistry in our convenient dental office, located in downtown Evanston. Please give us a call and we look forward to helping you with your dental needs.

WE BELIEVE that your dental experience should be an educational one that leads to prevention. Many serious dental conditions can be avoided with regular check-ups in combination with good home care. It is important to know that gum disease can be a risk factor in heart disease and diabetes.