Our Evanston Office

Designed for Convenience and Comfort

Rewarding relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. No where is this more true than in maintaining and improving your health. In a fast-paced world, nurturing relationships are often by-passed in favor of insurance-based choices. Your health is not dependent on you alone, but on the reciprocal partnerships you form when choosing your health care professionals.

At the office of Arnold Chernoff, DDS, our mission is to help you achieve a higher level of self-esteem, quality of life, and well-being by enhancing the appearance, comfort and function of your teeth.

When visiting Dr. Chernoff’s Evanston dental office and meeting the dedicated team, you will discover:

A nurturing and comfortable environment. Advances in materials and processes has made dental procedures easier and more pain-free than even a few years ago. Your comfort is the priority and your situation will be improved by regular visits. We listen to, and understand, your dental needs, preferences, and we work together to achieve your dental health objectives.

Efficiency in visit time and paperwork. With streamlined online forms available and sensitive scheduling, your time is most respected and accommodated. In a small, comfortable and family-like environment, you will feel at home and cared for. The Patient Education section of this website provides everything you need to know about dental procedures, accented by our blog that discusses how these processes can be most relevant and rewarding.

Flexible financing. We can submit claims to your PPO insurance carrier, though we encourage you to question the benefits of such coverage. There are other financial options and flexible terms that may be more appropriate for your situation. As partners in your overall well-being, that includes ensuring that you oral health investment is maximized for the long-term. Please see: “Our Philosophy.

Convenient office location. Downtown Evanston offers a central destination for Chicago’s north shore. From Highland Park to Rogers Park, patients enjoy coming to our office in the historic Carlson building, right in the middle of restaurants and shopping. Ample parking is available, and even the Evanston town library is just across the street. See our Google+ page for map and specific location information.

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By emphasizing individualized, comprehensive, quality care and preventive dentistry, we swim against the current of large clinics and standardized solutions. This has earned us loyal and happy patients (please read what they say about the care they have received.) We honor each patient’s individuality and situation, which makes us distinctive. Please call us at 847-475-4080 for a consultation and together, we can determine your best health options.