The Relationship Between Your Teeth and Gums

A metaphor for understanding the relationship between your teeth and gums could be that of a building and the foundation that supports it. The beautifully constructed above-ground portion is the architecture people marvel at, similarly to the popular reception of pearly white teeth lighting up a dazzling smile. A strong foundation supports the weight and grace of the building, as your gums play the vital role of supporting your teeth and amazing smile. At Arnold K. Chernoff DDS, we’ve become a leading Evanston dentist by providing our patients with access to state-of-the-art care. We offer the most advanced and effective periodontal treatments to keep your gums healthy for many years to come!

According to a statement released by the American Dental Association, gum disease and cavities are almost entirely preventable with a proactive approach to dental care. At Arnold K. Chernoff DDS, it’s our goal to help patients maintain the health and appearance of their smiles. Our caring staff believes prevention is the best protection. At every checkup, we’ll assess your gums for any sign of the onset of gingivitis before it advances to a more advanced stage of periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, with irritated and bleeding gums being among the primary symptoms. If left untreated, it can progress into a more serious infection known as periodontitis, eventually resulting in tooth and bone loss. As a leading Evanston dentist, our comprehensive therapy plan can arrest gum disease, and to the extent possible, reverse and restore dental health. For mild cases, a stronger oral hygiene regimen coupled with professional cleanings will suffice but for more serious cases, Dr. Chernoff may recommend treatment with antibiotics, and, perhaps scaling and root planning treatments.

At Arnold K. Chernoff DDS, we want to help your family maintain optimal levels of oral health. Essential to that goal is providing state-of-the-art treatments to keep your gums healthy. Call your trusted Evanston dentist today to schedule an appointment.

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