The Boost and Advantage of a Whiter Smile

Nothing impresses more than a dazzling smile. Many choose to whiten teeth for special occasions like weddings or job seeking. Others have jobs dealing with the public where first impressions are critical. After all, we don’t see ourselves except in the mirror. But we know how we feel, and we know how people react to us.
Confidence attracts. Those who feel good, and radiate a positive attitude, have more choices in business and romance, thus with greater chances for success. It is impossible to feel good about ourselves if we are ashamed to smile—or if we feel that our smile does not enhance either our expression or the impression we make. After all, we smile for two reasons: to show our enjoyment and to engage the other person. Having white teeth will inspire us to both smile more, as well as feel the reaction of those rewarded with our dazzling smile. White teeth says conscientious, healthy, prosperous—qualities people want around them—qualities we wish not only to project, but to live.
Though the condition of our teeth is not a reflection of our intelligence, or even competence, others perceive that it is. We are judged even unconsciously by others. If our smile delights, we set the positive tone for communication.
We’ve written a lot in this blog about the health aspects of keeping teeth and gums cared for. Oral health is a barometer of total health. But we can’t underestimate the psychological side of how our smile affects our confidence. It is more important than the outfit, than the handshake (unless too wimpy), than the hairstyle (unless outrageous), than any opening phrases we may say (unless obnoxious). If we want to make a great impression, we have to feel our best.
To whiten teeth is a simple process that takes from one week to three months, depending on the technique. Some patients are more sensitive to the various treatments than others. New advances increase both the duration and the comfort of the process. In our office, we are certified in traditional treatment, as well as employing the state-of-the-art. For example, KöR Whitening takes just a few weeks of wearing a molded tray at night to hold the whitening gel. In their new method, oxygen from the gel is absorbed deep into the tooth, dissolving the stain molecules. Once receiving the treatment, easy home maintenance, any staining food will have no effect. The results are permanent.
This is a small time investment for such a big result in our attitude. If we wish to feel and perform at our best in any pursuit, if we deal with others, we can always use advantages within our grasp. Whitening our teeth is an easy one to accomplish—something that can have a major impact upon our relationships and businesses—by a small effort.

Arnold K. Chernoff, DDS,

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