To Inspire Dental Diligence

Being healthy in today’s society is time consuming and expensive without shortcuts. Diet, exercise, and healthcare all demand attention. One of the fastest and easiest ways to maintain overall health can start with oral health.

To help you with the basic knowledge needed to keep your oral health at its best, we publish a series of helpful tips in short articles. These give you a simple guide to reveal options, save time, money, and effort. They help you easily do your dental diligence and we hope you find them helpful.

NEW FEATURE: What is the Value of One Tooth?

Unfortunate events give perspective to what has the most value. Scott Smith explains his realizations gained from hard experience.

“Comparisons give instant perspective. Coming home with bad news, I dragged my feet into the house, only to discover my wife sitting in the kitchen with a face sadder than mine! She cried, ‘This morning I lost my diamond ring!’ And she preceded to describe the sequence of events.
Once she calmed, I could then declare my own misfortune: ‘I cracked a tooth and it split to its base. I ran to Dr. Chernoff’s Evanston office, where he eased my pain, but gave me some bad news.’ Her tears dried up instantly when I told her that I lost the tooth.
Suddenly, our discussion shifted to value—which is the greater loss? Without hesitation, I concluded, ‘My loss is much bigger than yours. Dr. C explained to me all the ramifications of one lost tooth: my alignment will shift making my bite off, causing uneven chewing, receding gums, loss of bone, aging my face faster, and ultimately will affect my self image. A tooth is far more valuable than a diamond!’” —Scott Smith, Evanston, IL
Dr. Arnold K. Chernoff DDS
Office: 847-475-4080


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