To wear an athletic guard, or not to wear an athletic guard? That is the question.

This week, we just finished a case that illustrates visually why it is so important to use a mouth guard when engaging in sporting activities. This young man was skateboarding when he lost his balance and fell flat on his face. The fall caused damage to many of his teeth, and four ultimately had to be removed. The photo below was taken about a week subsequent to to the accident after the four extractions.

We had to place a crown in addition to replacing the missing teeth with dental implants. I am very pleased with the final result below, but the treatment took over a year to complete and was quite expensive for the patient. The final figure was about what one might expect to pay for a small car.

In case you were wondering, we left some of the metal substructure of the crown exposed in order to give it more strength. This tooth is not is a cosmetic area, meaning that it will not show in the patient’s smile.

It is much better to protect the smile that nature provides you than to rebuild it artificially. Remember that the best dentist in the world is G-d. Let’s do all that we can to protect his handiwork so that you can avoid mine

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