Your Dentist Can Save Your Life

Your Dentist Can Save Your Life

Hard to believe, but an annual checkup at the dentist can mean the difference between life and death. The statistics are alarming, and more alarming is that they have not changed in the last decade. Oral cancer is deadly. Yet, if caught early, it is survivable. Your dentist is your first line of defense.
Although you can watch for symptoms, often there are none. Oral cancer may not be painful and frequently is not easy to detect.
Sadly, according to the American Dental Association, only 20% of adults over 40 years old are screened for cancer by their dentists. Yet this prevention solution is so simple and fast, it only needs a ten minute examination once a year!
In participation with Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we offer all of our patients 50% off the screening fee—approximately a $35 savings. 
We provide both a clinical examination, and offer the new Vizilite test that increases the accuracy of early detection. Please see our article Oral Cancer”  that describes symptoms, what to expect in the examination, and what you can do to protect yourself.

We hope to see you this month and ensure that you will not be one of the 50,000 this year that will face this silent and sneaky killer.

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